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Ultimate Command Line Reference 2021 - Bash, Git, Node, Python, Ruby, PHP

February 05, 2021

Bash Terminal

Basic Terminal

  • list all files ls -la
  • change directories cd folderName
  • display current dir pwd
  • remove file rm filename
  • remove directory rm -rf directory
  • print contents of file cat filename
  • directory mkdir directoryName
  • make file touch filename
  • go up a directory cd ..
  • go back to home directory cd ~


  • Kill a Port sudo kill -9 $(sudo lsof -t -i:3000)


Git Commands

  • new git repo git init
  • clone remote repo git clone repourl
  • add to staging git add filename
  • git commit git commit -m "message"
  • push to remote repo git push remoteName BranchName
  • pull from remote repo git pull remoteName BranchName
  • list branches git branch
  • switch branches git checkout branchName
  • create branch git checkout -b branchName
  • delete branch git checkout -d branchName
  • see commit log git log
  • see staged files git status
  • fetch updated list of remote branches git fetch
  • add remote git remote add remoteName remoteURL
  • remove remote git remote rm remoteName
  • list remotes git remote -v
  • create new commit reverting to old commit git revert commitHash
  • move back to old commit removing prior commits git reset commitHash


NPM Commands

  • new package.json file npm init -y
  • install new library npm install libName
  • install all libraries in package.json npm install
  • run script from package.json npm run scriptName
  • uninstall library npm uninstall libName
  • install library globally npm install -g libName

Terminal Text Editors

Nano (Terminal Text Editor)

  • Open file in nano nano filename
  • Exit and save changes ctrl + x

VIM (Terminal Text Editor)

  • Open file in VIM vim fileName
  • go to insert mode i
  • exit insert mode esc
  • save and exit :wq


Ruby Gem

  • Install a Gem gem install gemName
  • List all installed Gems gem list
  • Uninstall a Gem get uninstall gemName
  • Update Gems gem update
  • Clean Old Gem Versions gem cleanup


  • Install Bundler gem install bundler
  • Install all Gems in a Gemfile bundle install
  • Update all listed Gems bundle update --all

Ruby on Rails

  • new rails project rails new projectName
  • new rails API rails new --api projectName
  • new rails project with postgres rails new -d postgresql
  • new rails without git rails new --skip-git
  • new rails without yarn rails new --skip-yarn
  • run dev server rails server
  • Ruby Console with Models Loaded rails console
  • DB Console for Project DB rails dbconsole
  • See all project routes rails routes
  • generate model/controller/resource/scaffold rails generate generatorName nameOfThing
  • create db rails db:create
  • run migrations rails db:migrate
  • reset database rails db:reset
  • rollback last migration rails db:rollback
  • seed the database rails db:seed
  • drop the database rails db:drop



  • install a package pip install packageName
  • list all installed packages pip list
  • uninstall a package pip uninstall packageName
  • generate requirements.txt pip freeze > requirements.txt


  • new django project django-admin startproject projectName
  • new app in project django-admin startapp projectName
  • run dev server python runserver
  • create migrations python makemigrations
  • run migrations python migrate
  • create a superuser python createsuperuser



  • Run a php file in terminal php filename
  • start a web server in current folder php -S localhost:####


  • Install libraries from composer.json php composer.phar install


  • Create New Project composer create-project laravel/laravel
  • run dev server php artisan serve
  • run db console php artisan db
  • new migration php artisan make:migration migration_name
  • run mgirations php artisan migrate
  • rollback last migration php artisan migrate:rollback
  • reset all migrations php artisan migrate:reset
  • reset and rerun migrations php artisan migrate:refresh
  • drop all tables and migrate php artisan migrate:fresh
  • create seed php artisan make:seeder seederName
  • running seeds php artisan db:seed
  • make a controller php artisan make:controller controllerName
  • make a model php artisan make:model modelName

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